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We're here for you, relentlessly pursuing powerful ways to put you in control of your time so we can all more consciously live towards our true purpose.


Our Team

Matt Walker, Founder

Matt has spent his life understanding people through data. In college he studied Economics and Psychology then went on to a career in market research and brand/marketing consulting, helping guide some of the biggest & best brands in the world through telling stories with data.

A quantified selfer, he is incredibly passionate about finding the best way to use time data to help himself and others spend time more consciously and meaningfully - and so DayPoint was born.

David Barlev, CTO (via GOJI LABS)

David joined the DayPoint team early on. Him and Matt met at a local StartupUncensored event in Santa Monica and hit it off immediately. Matt had an idea, David could make it a reality.

From the start, he understood and embraced the idea of DayPoint and has been instrumental in its design and evolution (as well as through invaluable input from his wife).


Michael Sheridan

COO @ Comparably

George Durzi

Head of Dev @ LRW

Alex Deighton




Brought to you from sunny Santa Monica, California.  

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