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Over 7 billion people on Earth - all with a finite amount of time to live. And no way to buy more of it. Yet people let it slip away, unintentionally spending it on activities and experiences that they don’t actually care about.

We help you become aware of how you spend your time each day through simple, insightful visuals that show you where your time goes and what your patterns are.  This awareness is powerful.

What inspired DayPoint?

The idea came about after a sad, yet inspiring situation.  

Dylan was the son of a friend, and he was tragically diagnosed with brain cancer when he was five years old. He needed platelets, and I started donating as frequently as allowed. For the next six years, I would continue to follow Dylan's struggles, successes, adventures, highs and lows, as he bravely fought against all odds. 

Fully cognizant of his situation, Dylan somehow managed to maintain a positive and loving attitude and actively celebrate and tackle life at every opportunity. Even in his final days, he continued to bestow wisdom to family and friends, imploring them to “remember just to love". 

In just under 11 short years, Dylan experienced more love, adventure, and growth than most will in a lifetime, and he was all the wiser for it. He made ripples on this planet that will live on for long, long after he left us.

After Dylan passed, I did a solo trip in the Alaskan wilderness for a week.  During that time, I kept thinking about Dylan and how, during your lifetime, you still have to make the choice to live.   

But how could I help myself and others do exactly that?  It took me over a year trying to figure this out, experimenting with different approaches, meditating, and talking to friends (& strangers!).  Eventually it became clear that it all rests on awareness of time and being conscious of how it's spent.