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Final Post - The Time Hath Come

Creating DayPoint has truly been the time of my life, but the time has come to shut it down.

It has been an incredibly difficult and sad decision to make, though the realities of the amount of time and money it would take to continue to update and improve the app is more than I can spare.

DayPoint was a passion project from the beginning, born out of a deep desire to better understand where my time was going in order to spend it more consciously and meaningfully. As I hope it did for all of you as well, it succeeded and gave me a completely new appreciation and perspective on time - it’s passage, value, and manageability.

The project was completely self-funded and I did not do a good enough job of getting the word out in order to attract enough users to make the app self-sustainable. I do believe there is potential to revive it in the future once I’m more clear on the path to sustainability and profitability.

I am so grateful for everyone that downloaded and used DayPoint, as well as the innumerable people that provided support, encouragement, and feedback along the way. There were many stories of how the app had fundamentally changed the way people were spending their time and living their life for the better, from which I feel the entire three year endeavor was worth every second and penny.

Thank you to the Founder Institute, especially Jeanine Jacobson and the members of my cohort, for providing a great support network and structure during the formation of the concept and company. Already, this group and organization has demonstrated the relationships and insights are timeless.

I also want to give a humongous thank you to David Barlev and his company Goji labs, who went so far above and beyond the call of duty in bringing the vision and concept to life. As a non-technical founder and this being my first mobile app, David and his team were true partners from the start and helped solve some extremely challenging aspects: Drafting, writing, and testing algorithms that identified when someone was sleeping based on the movement of their device; Cleaning the data that iOS outputs on movement (e.g. stationary, walking, cycling, driving, etc.) that was very ‘noisy’ data and translating that to shockingly accurate time accounting data; and, Developing the complex algorithms that enabled the device and the app to capture where you were spending your time and translating that into beautiful data visualization in real-time.

Lastly, a huge thank you to my friend-turned-confidant-turned-girlfriend-turned-fiancee, Kseniia, for her loving support and patience throughout the process of building, launching, and sustaining DayPoint. With her infinite wisdom in understanding individuals and human emotion and thought, she helped me better understand how the data and app can best help people and their time, including helping me extract the most benefit from understanding my time and my time values.

Much love to all of you, and I hope you continue to Practice Timefulness each day and across your lifetime. It is not enough to just be alive in order to live.


Matt Walker