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The Stolen Present - and Taking it Back

Your alarm sounds - you roll over and begrudgingly pick it up to stop the noise.  Three text messages and a few Facebook notifications pop up from while you slept.  You check in and respond, noticing an article a friend posted on your newsfeed.  Youread through it, and click through to  another article that was linked at the bottom of the first.  Two plays on Words with Friends before a ‘quick’ check of instagram.  Double tap, flick, flick, double tap, double tap, comment, flick, double tap…  

-!!!-  “How is it already 6:55?? I haven’t even gotten out of bed!!"

Day and night we are constantly letting time slip by, completely unconsciously.  The harsh reality: we will never get that time back.  Ever.

New distractions are assaulting us everyday, this phenomenon isn’t going to let up.  And a few 25-min ‘rabbit holes’ aren’t the end of the world, but we often fail to see how quickly these small portions of time add up.  

It’s not the end of the world if you’re late to a meeting or miss out on a single opportunity.  But what about when it adds up?  You never even started the project you wanted to finish by now.  You still have not completed that degree.  You missed out on some of your child’s most instrumental years and your kid is suddenly grown up.  You find yourself in your final years of life, having let so much time go to waste.  Auto-pilot stole your time, your life.  

Practicing Timefulness will help you capture that time before it is gone.  It takes effort - a constant effort of being aware of your time and how you’re spending it.  But it can change your days, making them fuller and more satisfying.  And, over time, it can truly change your life because it encourages you to actually live it.  

DayPoint Blog Check In

The holiday season is upon us - many of us are fortunate to be able to spend it with family and friends that we love.  I encourage you to remember to frequently check in - not on Facebook or Twitter, but with yourself to make sure you are aware that these moments are all temporary so you need to cherish and enjoy them as they pass.  Unplug from the devices for a bit, enjoy the people and the scenery. 


Stay tuned for more on how to start practicing Timefulness.  Until then, enjoy the present.

Happy Holidays from DayPoint!

DayPoint Happy Holiday